hi, i'm ali!

Falling into wedding photography was the happiest accident of my life. In May of 2014, I had a college friend literally beg me to show up and take some photos because she didn't have the budget to hire a professional. After I said "NO" about four times, I finally said "alright fine" and that was the beginning of my insanely undeniable obsession with weddings.


Documenting my first wedding was like finally finding a passion that was the perfect marriage of my creative heart and my analytical mind, my left and right brain. I feel artistically fulfilled capturing a couple's story in a unique way, and also mentally fulfilled using my strengths in problem-solving, time management and attention to detail. I have never done anything that fills me with more purpose and joy than wholeheartedly serving brides and grooms on their wedding day.


When I'm without my camera, I'm usually found reading a fantasy novel, at the dog park with my Aussiedoodle Pippin (yes, that's a LoTR reference), working out at the rock climbing gym, listening to murder podcasts, Googling the latest Taylor Swift news, or playing The Sims (nerd alert). My lovely husband Caleb is usually with me when I'm doing these things. Except The Sims. He's more of a DnD guy.

my favorites

my family

I'm *slightly* obsessed my my Aussiedoodle Pippin. He keeps me company all day in my office while I work from home. Oh and I love my husband Caleb too! He also keeps me company, but only in the evenings and on weekends when he's not being a Physician Assistant at MD Anderson.


Besides photography, one of my other favorite creative outlets is drawing and doodling. I love sketching ideas for photo sessions or just cute little things like the swimsuits above. I also love keeping a journal that I draw in. I even minored in Art in college!


I'm a big time reader and try to read at least one book a month throughout the year. My all-time favorite series is and forever will be Harry Potter. I grew up reading those books. And in case you were wondering, I'm a Ravenclaw.


Marrying my nature-loving husband came with a new appreciation for getting outside and trying new things. We love traveling to Colorado and spending time hiking and rock climbing. Think there's someone I need to go? Please let me know your recommendations!

I'll tell you what sets me apart.