hi, i'm ali!

I fell into wedding photography totally by mistake. In May of 2014, I had a college friend literally beg me to show up and take some photos because she didn't have the budget to hire a professional. After I said "NO" about four times, I finally said "alright fine" and that was the beginning of my insanely undeniable obsession with wedding photography.


You see, never in a million years would I have thought I'd be calling this my job. I'm socially awkward. I'm introverted. I have a major case of RBF 99% of the time. These are all things you would not consider pros in a field that is people-focused. But I realized that when I was at a wedding with a camera in my hand I came alive! I found so much confidence, compassion, purpose and joy.


When I'm not shooting, I'm usually found reading a fantasy novel, at the dog park with my Aussiedoodle Pippin (yes, that's a LoTR reference), working out at the rock climbing gym, listening to murder podcasts, Googling the latest Taylor Swift news, or playing The Sims (nerd alert). My lovely husband Caleb is usually with me when I'm doing these things. Except The Sims. He's more of a DnD guy.



my favorite things

+ My husband Caleb
+ Harry Potter books
+ Bright and colorful bouquets
+ Doc Marten boots. All of them.
+ Seeing manatees in real life
+ Schedules, lists and color-coding
+ Phish Food ice cream