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About Ali


AboutAliHello! I’m Ali,
and I take photographs.

Originally from the Midwest, I now reside in the city of Houston, Texas. I have a wonderful husband named Caleb and an imaginary Aussiedoodle, which will hopefully one day be real.

I’ve loved photography ever since my tool bag consisted of Walgreens disposable cameras and a makeshift tripod created from an old music stand. Over the years, my cameras have matured as well as my craft.

I’m a self-taught photographer who is introverted (so I know how to work with the camera shy) and very tall (no risk of unattractive angles with my 5’11” vantage point).

I’ve pursued many art forms during my 27 years on this earth including oil painting and clarinet, but photography is the only one that developed into an undeniable passion.

Above all else, photography is a means for me to reflect the creativity of the original Creator. I strive to honor God through capturing the beauty of His world; not only the physical beauty, but the vibrancy, personality and love present in my couples as well.

Favorite Things:

+ My husband Caleb
+ Harry Potter books
+ Bright and colorful bouquets
+ Fitz’s Orange Soda
+ Seeing manatees in real life
+ Schedules, lists and color-coding
+ Mermaids
+ Phish Food ice cream
+ My little sister Kristin
+ Gilmore Girls
+ Adventurous engagement sessions
+ Black and white patterns
+ Taylor Swift #unashamed
+ Unconventional wedding rings
+ Reading the Walking Dead Reddit

Least Favorite Things:

+ Jeans that don’t come in “tall”
+ Vanilla ice cream
+ Limp handshakes
+ Spiral notebooks #lefthandedstruggles